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Building Insurance

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What is included as standard in an Allianz Building insurance policy?

With Allianz Buildings insurance, you’ll be covered for the following events:
Fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes and smoke
Storms or floods
Water leaking or escaping from, or freezing in: 
     fish tanks
     water tanks
     washing machines
     dishwashers or
     radiators and other heating installations
Oil leaks
Theft or attempted theft
Malicious damage
Solar panels or wind turbines breaking or falling down
Subsidence, heave or landslips of the ground beneath your home
Your home being hit by: 
     vehicles and anything that gets dropped from them
     falling trees or branches
Riots, civil commotion or strikes
Aircraft and anything that gets dropped by them

You’ll get all of this as standard too:
Temporary accommodation and lost rent.
Replacement locks and keys.
Liability insurance under the Defective Premises Act.
Any damage caused finding the source of oil and water leaks (trace and access).
Damage caused by the emergency services.
Blockage of pipes.
Accidental damage to glass and sanitary fittings.

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