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My home has a green roof. Will you insure me?

If you've already got insurance with us and you're moving to a house that has a green roof, we might not be able to insure your new home.

A green roof (or grass roof) is a roof covered in vegetation. There are two types  extensive and intensive. We'll insure your extensive green roof  as long as no more than 20% of the roof is flat. You also need to check the roof regularly and make sure it stays in good condition. We won't insure an intensive green roof.
Here's a bit more information if you're not sure which type you have.An extensive green roof usually has a layer of vegetation over a waterproof layer. It can also have root barriers and irrigation systems. This type isn't usually suitable for people to walk on regularly.

An intensive green roof is usually all flat. It can have lots of plants, trees and foliage on it, as well as pathways and benches. With the right structural support, people can use an intensive green roof.

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