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Contents Insurance

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What is a valuable item? Is there a limit to the amount of valuable items I can be covered for?

We define these as items in your home that are more valuable, but aren’t taken away from home very often, if ever. We do have specific items that we class as valuable:

• Jewellery
• Gold and silver items (including gold or silver plated)
• Watches
• Gemstones
• Clocks
• Furs
• Pictures
• Sculptures and other forms of art
• Stamp collections
• Medals and coins

Your valuables can make up 30% of the total contents you get insured. So, if you choose to insure your contents for up to £100,000, you could claim up to £30,000 of that for your valuables.

Also, a single valuable item could be up to 15% of the total contents you insure. Assuming you chose to insure up to £100,000 of contents, you could claim up to £15,000 for a single item.

If you need your valuable items to be insured while you’re out and about, this needs to be insured through our optional extra: Personal Possessions. When we insure your personal possessions, this is as well as the 30% total valuables limit mentioned above.

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