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How do I cancel my renewal??

Automatic renewal
If you paid your premium by direct debit, you can cancel your renewal by completing a quick online form. Once you’ve sent your form, we’ll take care of it within 24 hours. You can get in touch on Webchat or give us a call on 0344 209 0841. We’re open Monday to Friday 8am-9pm and Saturday 9am-5pm. Please make sure you get in touch before your renewal date, otherwise your policy will automatically renew.

Just remember, if you cancel your Direct Debit at the bank, this won’t cancel your insurance with us. If you want to cancel it, you need to let us know you don’t need cover anymore.

Non-automatic renewal
If you didn’t pay by direct debit last year, then your insurance will automatically stop at midnight on your policy expiry date. Just remember that you’ll need to have cover with your new insurer ready to start at the same time.

Please follow the link for more information about cancelling your insurance

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