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What happens if my car is a write off?

We'll get in touch with you to talk about how much a car of the same make, model and specification is worth.

 You'll need to send us:
• the car's logbook (V5C)
• the latest MOT certificate
• the latest certificate of insurance
• the keys.

We might also ask you for other things, like your service history, to help us work out how much the car was worth. It's a good idea to send everything by recorded delivery.

Our address is - Allianz Insurance plc, 2530 The Quadrant, aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4AW.

Once we've worked everything out, we'll usually pay you what an identical car would cost. We'll take off any excess you need to pay for claiming, and any money you owe under a finance agreement. If the amount you owe under a finance agreement isn't covered, you'll still need to pay that off.

But we might be able to offer you a new car to replace your old one instead of giving you the money. If your car is damaged so much that it will cost more than 50% of the latest price of an identical car, we'll replace it with a new one of the same make, model and specification as long as:
• you have owned or leased the car since it was new
• your car has a UK specification and you bought if from a dealer in the UK
• the damage to the car happened when it was less than a year old, and the model is still available from the manufacturer's approved dealers in the UK.


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