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Car Insurance

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Direct Exit Q&A

Q) With regards to renewals lapsing, when do we send out our first communication to our customers?

A) Customers will receive their first notification 45 days before their renewal (end date).


Q) What will the customer receive on the day when their policy lapses?

A) All customers will receive the same message. This will include notification that their insurance has ended with Allianz Direct and for our Motor customers it will include NCD proof.


Q) Is that in a letter?

A) Customers that have selected paper docs or if the first email has bounced back, will receive a letter. Customers that have E-Docs will receive this information via an email.


Q) Who are Complete Insure?

A) Complete Insure are an insurance broker and a sister company in the Allianz UK Group. Complete Insure work with a range of insurance companies to help find you a quote for car and home insurance.


Q) What part will Complete Insure play in this process?

A) Complete Insure will contact our customers 26 days before their end date to remind them that their insurance will be coming to an end. They will offer a new quote to continue their insurance from their end date. Additionally, Complete Insure will make contact 21 days and 14 days prior to the customers end date.


Q) If the customer doesn‘t want to be contacted by Complete Insure what do I need to do?

A) Should the customer call in and wish to opt out of contact from Complete Insure you will need to select "OPT OUT" when creating a case note. You will not need to input any additional information. The customer can also opt out via a webform.


Q) Will I get marked down by QA for not leaving a detailed case note?

A) No. However, if the customer goes into more detail during the call then please leave an additional case note (separate to the "OPT OUT" case) outlining any details that you feel are relevant.


Q) Can a Nominated person opt out on behalf of the Policyholder?

A) Yes.


Q) If the customer joins Complete Insure will they need to send their NCD proof?

A) No. This will be completed by Allianz on their behalf.


Q) Will webchat be available to customers?

A) Yes.


Q) Why have we passed the customers details on to ABSL (Complete Insure)?

A) We don‘t have right permission to pass on our customers data to another insurer. However, we do have permission to provide quotes within the Allianz group. In addition to this we like to make sure we‘re doing our very best to ensure the customer is not left without insurance and they are aware of all the options available to them.


Q) Why hasn’t Allianz given me a renewal quote?

A) We won’t be offering you a renewal quote because we’re no longer selling car and home insurance directly to customers. This won’t affect your cover over the rest of your policy, any existing claims, or your ability to get an insurance quote from another company in future. To help you find alternative cover, we’ll be transferring your details to Complete Insure, a sister company in the Allianz UK Group. Complete Insure will get in touch with you before your renewal and look for quotes for you from a number of insurers.


Q) What happens if the customer needs to make a claim?

A) Customers can still make claims on their Allianz policy up until their insurance ends. However if the customer wants to take out insurance with Complete Insure, they must tell them about any recent claims they’ve had, as their quote may not be accurate or valid.


Q) What customer details are being sent to Complete Insure?

A) We’ll give Complete Insure the details they need to look for quotes and to get in touch with our customers. This will include any sensitive personal data about motoring offences or convictions that they provided us regarding them or anyone else covered by their policy.


Q) What can we do if the customer calls us after data has already been sent to Complete Insure?

A) Firstly, you will need to apply the opt out case note on to Tia. Additionally you‘ll need to send an email to This will then ensure no further communication will be sent.

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