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What happens when I make a claim?

If your car is written off, we usually pay you the current market value. That's the cost of replacing your car with one of the same make, model, specification, age, mileage and condition.

But we can sometimes offer you a new car to replace your old one instead. If your car is stolen and not recovered within 28 days of the date we were told, or damaged so much it will cost more than 50% of the manufacturer's last UK price list (including VAT) to fix it, we'll replace it with a new one of the same make, model and specification.

But we can only do this if:
• you have owned the car (or hired it under a lease hire, hire purchase or personal contract agreement) since it was new;
• your car has a UK specification and you bought if from a dealer in the UK;
• we have your permission (or the hire purchase company’s permission) to replace the car; and
• the car was written off when it was less than a year old and the model is still available from the manufacturer's approved dealers in the UK.

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